Original Sport Drink Mix Press Release

Original Sport Drink Mix Press Release

Carbs Fuel Releases New Sport Drink Mix with 75g of Carbs per Serving
All-in-one High Carb and High Sodium Sport Drink Mix
Carbs Fuel, Let’s Keep Going
1000g Resealable Bag#size_1000g-resealable-bag75g Single Serving#size_75g-single-serving

GOLDEN, Colo. (May 16th, 2024) — Carbs Fuel, a new player to the sports nutrition category, is following up on their high carbohydrate energy gel by launching its second product, a high carbohydrate drink mix. The Carbs Fuel Sport Drink Mix was made available on May 13th, 2024.

Carbs Fuel was built out of the necessity to extend rides and feel better while doing so. Research shows that athletes can consume more carbs per hour than previously thought, yet the industry has not kept up. Every product Carbs Fuel creates is made to be simple and effective; all products will focus simply on what athletes need, while bypassing unnecessary ingredients in the context of endurance performance.

“In continuing our mission to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport, we wanted to introduce our sport drink mix. We know the best fueling strategy is the one you adhere to; offering products in various forms will further help athletes to maintain their performance. Our drink mix was thoughtfully crafted to not only deliver the necessary carbohydrates, but to also support the hydration needs of athletes. The benefits of using our carbohydrate drink mix allows athletes to not only fuel their activities, but to also replenish sodium lost during exercise.” -Aaron Gouw, Chief Product Officer, Carbs Fuel

Our sport drink mix is available in a hefty 1,000g carbohydrate stand-up pouch, as well as a 75g carbohydrate single serving sachet (to be released shortly after). This provides athletes the ability to modulate the serving concentration as desired. Through a careful balance of maltodextrin, sucrose, fructose, and highly branched cyclic dextrin, we achieve a 1:0.8 glucose to fructose ratio. Similar to the Carbs Fuel Original Energy Gel, this drink mix bypasses the use of added flavors or preservatives; the drink mix has a natural light, smooth, and bright flavor profile. The drink mix will also deliver 500mg of sodium per 75g of carbohydrate, offering an appreciable amount of sodium an athlete needs for a big day of activity.

Carbs Fuel is available at local specialty shops found on the dealer locator, as well as direct through the website, CarbsFuel.com. At the price of $36.00 per stand-up pouch, you’ll get 1,000 grams of carbs per pouch at just 3.6 cents per gram of carb. If you choose to go the single serving sachet of 75 grams of carbs, these will run $3.00 per sachet at just 4 cents per gram of carb. 

About Carbs Fuel

Carbs Fuel, founded in Golden, Colo., is on a mission to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport. With a group of founders from various backgrounds in endurance sport, they have grown tired of proper fueling being too complicated and expensive during training and events. Believing that properly fueling endurance activity should be simple and shouldn’t be reserved to the affluent minority, more athletes will reach new heights and maintain a long-standing love for their sport. With Carbs Fuel in tow, you’ll always be saying “Let’s Keep Going.”

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