Luke Hall

"Simple is always better in your fueling strategy".

We agree with you, Luke.

In 2023 he posted some massively impressive results like 2nd Place at UNBOUND XL, 2nd Place at Kowtown Gravel, 1st Place at Mosquero Grizzly, 1st Place AG at Foco Fondo, and a collection of respectable rides at events like BWR CA and AZ, Grasshopper Low Gap and Huffmaster, Mid South, SBT GRVL, and Big Sugar.

In 2024 Luke will be more focused on the ultra-endurance gravel category; he has some unfinished business with UNBOUND XL, he will make an Oregon Outback FKT attempt, and he will race some events like The Long Voyage and Huracan 300.

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Lauren Head

Think you can run 106 miles and ascend 33,000 feet in one day? Well, Lauren did at UTMB in 2023.

She will be more focused on regional races in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. in 2024, but don't expect that to mean the ultras will be any less ultra.

"Carbs Fuel marries a top quality product with a mission that's at the heart of the trail community's growth: promoting access to excellence in sport through comprehensive and affordable fueling... the easier we make good fueling, the further we push what's possible."

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Nick DiNapoli

"I like to consider myself as a jack-of-all-trades on a bike…finding joy pushing my limits in every type of riding and racing from XC, Enduro, DH, Road, Motocross, and more.

For 2024, I am very excited to work with Carbs Fuel and the long time friends behind it. The opportunity to join forces as an athlete is quite special, and I can’t wait to represent and spread the word on the brand and product!

I’ve been stoked to utilize it along its development stage and can’t wait for others to get their hands on it."

Instagram: @nickyd358

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Adrian Macdonald

"I genuinely think that the product, with twice as many carbs as most other gels, will help me run faster in races."

If you're into ultra trail running, chances are you know who Adrian is. If you don't, you will soon!

Adrian Macdonald is a two-time Leadville 100 winner already in his up-and-coming career as a professional runner.

Adrian is looking to further expand on his impressive results across numerous FKT attempts and UTMB races.

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Finn Gullickson

"I like the simplicity of the Carbs Fuel products and I think a more affordable, higher carb fuel is the future."

Finn is an extremely exciting athlete that is truly breaking onto the North American gravel racing scene. Finn secured one of thirty exclusive spots in the 2024 Life Time Grand Prix. While he will be considered a darkhorse for the overall, we are betting our carbs on him.

Watch for Finn to be flying at events like the Leadville 100 MTB and UNBOUND.

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Morgan Steele

“I am a trail runner based out of the Colorado Front Range and am thrilled to work with a Colorado nutrition brand. One of the core pieces of a successful ultra race is having your nutrition dialed and tested through lots of training.

As an ultra-runner, I am always looking for ways to up my nutrition game while doing so efficiently and economically. Carbs Fuel provides that!

Carbs Fuel has a lot to offer the endurance community and I am excited to be a part of it.”

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Jacob Huber

You were probably wondering who will be the next mega-talent coming from Durango; look no further than Jacob Huber.

Jacob is 18 years old and only started riding bikes a couple years ago, but that hasn't slowed him down.

In 2023, in the Men Under 18 Category, he won BWR California and Arizona, he won the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, and he got 2nd place at the first ever Gravel National Championships.

Jacob also rode to a massively impressive 27th place at UNBOUND with a time of 11:06.

Jacob is in his first year of college at Fort Lewis College and is looking forward to collegiate road racing and crushing UNBOUND and the BWR races.

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Adam Vadeboncoeur

"In 2024 I’m excited to test my limits in marathon and ultra running - chasing PR’s and challenging myself to new distances. Proper fueling is essential for these goals, so having Carbs Fuel in my corner will be a huge advantage.

It’s hard to carry the necessary amount of calories I need without feeling weighed down. Carbs Fuel delivering 50g of carbs (200 cals) per gel has become a game changer for me. Plus it’s thin, so easy to consume.

Lastly, partnering with a company whose mission is to make products more accessible instead of money gouging is huge for me. The accessibility is why I love running so much, so it feels right to partner with a brand who shares the same passion."

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Bjorn Larson

Bjorn's first experience with Carbs Fuel resulted in the following message: "These are gas man! Super good." No extra details were necessary.

Bjorn lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he works for Specialized Bikes and is a coach for Troll Training.

He boasts impressive results during his junior years, one of which being a Junior National Road Race title after beating a certain Matteo Jorgenson.

After taking a break from racing, Bjorn picked the bike back up in 2023 and had some super impressive performances at events like SBT GRVL, UNBOUND, and Crusher in the Tushar.

Bjorn is looking forward to racing at the 2024 Life Time Grand Prix events and improving on his already impressive results in 2023.

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Mimi Smith

"Carbs Fuel's goal of bringing affordable, simple and consistent energy sources to the racing fuel market is enticing and exciting. I have a hard time consuming a lot of gels during my races, so I need the gels I do consume to be loaded with as much carbohydrates as possible."

Mimi Smith has already burst onto the running scene in 2024 with a hugely impressive performance at the Marathon Olympic Trials.

We are thrilled to see Mimi continue to excel in Marathon and Half-Marathon distance races with Carbs Fuel in her pocket.

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Dylan McMurrer

"The product is exactly what I need. As a bigger athlete, I need to be taking in a lot of fuel.

Having a product that has 50g of carbs per gel is perfect because I only have to take 2 of them per hour as opposed to 3 or 4 gels from other brands.

I also really enjoy the taste. I am not a fan of products that have overbearing tastes, and Carbs Fuel gels have a very neutral taste.

I also am on board with Carbs Fuel's mission. The price of fuel can be a barrier to entry for long endurance sports. In a sport like triathlon where the gear is already super expensive, I don't want people to be turned off the sport because of the price of fuel.

So I want to help spread the word about Carbs Fuel so that people stop paying crazy amounts of money for their fuel."

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Apex Cycling Team

"2024 Looks to be a statement year for Apex Cycling Team. We now boast a full Women & Men's roster focused on both the top level of US Criterium racing, and the development of our amateur division racing team.

Partnering with a company like Carbs Fuel is a no brainer. Their desire to reduce the barrier to cycling through affordable proper nutrition is key to riders of all levels whether they realize it now or down the road. The amount of care and precision put into the product is something we respect and have had the opportunity to try and provide feedback on."

Kefi Racing

"It is really cool to see that Carbs Fuel is doing what others haven’t done; they've created a product that is affordable yet works exceptionally well.

I mean 50 grams of carbs in a gel for only $2?! Come on! Thats amazing."

Think high-carb fueling is only for ultra-endurance athletes? Think again.

Kefi Racing is a St. Louis, Missouri-based criterium racing team that will be using Carbs all across the country in 2024.

Expect to see these bold kits at next year's Tour of America's Dairyland, Athens and Littleton Twilight Criteriums, Tulsa Tough, Tucson Bicycle Classic, Intelligentsia Cup, and more.

Holy Cow Racing

Holy Cow Racing is on a mission to grow the cycling community and spread fun. They are a valued partner to Carbs Fuel and have invested in each-other's success since both organizations were founded in 2022.

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