Let's Keep Going

Our mission is to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport.

We believe properly fueling endurance activity should be simple and shouldn’t be reserved to the affluent minority; more athletes will reach new heights and maintain a long-standing love for their sport.

Our Promise


    Our products are carb-rich, allowing you to carry and fuel more during your activity.


    Thanks to more fueling and saving money, you'll feel better and your friends will say you're much happier.


    We offer you the best carb:dollar in the sports nutrition industry. We are your Robin Hood.


    By the end of your activity, no matter how epic, you'll look around and say, "let's keep going".

Carbs Fuel Brand Story

Michael Kussin Jumping Amanda Kussin on a Mountain Bike
Aaron Gouw Chief Product Officer at Carbs Fuel
Laini Ritsch Running the Cottonwood Marathon

Our Story

Why we started this company and why we are going to change the way athletes fuel their sport.

Why Carbs?

Our Athletes

We work with athletes across a wide variety of sports. No matter the activity, we are helping these people more effectively fuel their sport.

Athletes & Teams

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  • Carbs Fuel marries a top quality product with a mission that's at the heart of the trail community's growth: promoting access to excellence in sport through comprehensive and affordable fueling. The easier we make good fueling, the further we push what's possible.

    Lauren Head, ultra-runner
  • Simple is always better in fuel strategy... the Carbs Fuel gel is something that is gonna really make sense to athletes."

    Luke Hall, ultra-cyclist
  • These are gas! Super good.

    In longer events, trying to obtain proper nutrition can be a challenge. With Carbs Fuel, I am able to intake the correct amount of sustenance to help me be competitive when it matters!

    Bjorn Larson, gravel racer
  • I think the Carbs Fuel gel is the best bang for your buck gel on the market. They are super compact for how much energy they hold, have a very pleasant consistency, and great taste. I also had zero GI issues even when consuming the gel in large amounts.

    Jacob Huber, gravel cyclist
  • I’ve been stoked to utilize the Carbs Fuel gel along its development stage and can’t wait for others to get their hands on it. 

    Nicky DiNapoli, Enduro MTB
  • Carbs Fuel makes a product that is not only affordable, but also works. I mean 50 grams of carbs in a gel for only $2?! Come on! Thats amazing.

    Michael Morales, Kefi Racing
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