Adrian Macdonald

Adrian Macdonald

Athlete Discipline (sport & event):

Mountain - Ultra - Trail Running

What do you love about your sport?:

I love to challenge myself against the terrain, competition and my own mind.
What events are you most looking forward to for 2024 and why?:
Tarawera 100 Miler, Leadville Trail 100. I'm looking forward to getting back to races that play to my strengths after taking on some less runnable races in 2023.

What sponsors are supporting you in 2024?:

Carbs Fuel, On, and COROS

Why did you decide to be sponsored by Carbs?:

I genuinely think that the product, with twice as many carbs as most other gels, will help me run faster in races.

Tell us about your first experience consuming a Carbs Fuel product:

I took a sample out on a run with some friends at Horsetooth Mountain Park. I knew all the science but wanted to make sure it tasted good and it did! Even if it will help you, it has to be palatable when your forcing yourself to eat something 90 miles into a 100 mile race.

Why should others give Carbs Fuel a try?:

We all should probably be trying to eat more while we race/train and Carbs Fuel is a tasty and affordable way to do that.

What's the craziest thing you've consumed as fuel during sport that's non-traditional?:

I've raced the beer mile twice with a best of 7:07. I'm not much of a beer drinker so I thought that was pretty good! Does that count?

What are your 3 favorite sources of carbs? (Other than Carbs Fuel products). Doesn't have to be sport nutrition related:

Pizza, pasta, sweet potatoes

What would your hobby be if you didn't have your sport and why?:

I played soccer in high school and am still a big fan of the sport. If I ever stop running, I'd like to play in an adult soccer league.

What's your worst B.C era (Before Carbs Fuel) bonk story?:

Back before I was a trail/ultra runner I decided to run from my home in downtown Fort Collins to the top of Horsetooth Mountain and back. This would be a 30+ mile run on roads and trails with nearly 4,000 feet of gain and loss. I had done 26 mile training runs before without food or water so figured I could do this run with just a little water (it was early December) and a couple gels. Well, the trail running took a lot longer than I expected and I ended up bonking pretty hard the last 10 miles. I made it home but then spent the rest of the day lying on the floor too sick to eat. While I did feel terribly, running for 4.5 hours with only 300 calories did make me think I would be a good ultra runner someday!