Nick Dinapoli

Nick Dinapoli

Athlete Discipline (sport & event): 

Cycling: Enduro, XC

What do you love about your sport?:

Cycling has become a strong passion of mine from the freedom it creates as well as the desire to constantly learn and improve your riding capabilities.

What events are you most looking forward to for 2024 and why?:

For 2024, I’m most looking forward to the Downieville Classic. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the opportunity and feel like it’s a perfect fit for my jack-of-all-trades skill set.

What sponsors are supporting you in 2024?:

Carbs Fuel, Specialized Bicycles, SRAM/Rockshox, Crankbrothers, Dialed Health, 100%, Maxima Oils.

Why did you decide to be sponsored by Carbs?: 

Having a prior relationship with the founders of Carbs and knowing the extent of their cycling backgrounds, made me very excited as well as trust the resources going into building this brand. I wanted to be a face for Carbs and build it’s reputation within the cycling community.

Tell us about your first experience consuming a Carbs Fuel product:

My first experience was on a very crisp and cold morning ride with Gabe himself, getting ready for a monster climb. The Carbs gel consisted of a very smooth texture and the just sweet enough flavor went down easily. It was my first time hitting higher carb intake on a ride and definitely aided in improved energy.

Why should others give Carbs Fuel a try?:

The team behind Carbs are real people and athletes themselves in their everyday life. A long history of riding and racing in their respective fields have taught them what athletes are needing to perform. The gel is tasty and easy on the stomach which can be tough when trying a new product…and you can’t beat the price!

What's the craziest thing you've consumed as fuel during sport that's non-traditional?:

Hmmm…candy and Monster Energy on my first century ride definitely kept me going a few years back. Not very healthy but kept me going ha!

What are your 3 favorite sources of carbs? (Other than Carbs Fuel products). Doesn't have to be sport nutrition related:

When riding or working out, I usually enjoy a mix of nuts, granola bars, and fruit snacks for easy to pack food items.

What would your hobby be if you didn't have your sport and why?:

That’s a tough one, I love riding dirt bikes outside of cycling but something non-two wheels related I have no idea.

What's your worst B.C era (Before Carbs Fuel) bonk story?:

My worst moment that I can recall was during the Whiskey 50 Off Road XC race a couple years ago. It was by far the most difficult event I’ve done before with the most elevation. During the last hour or so, I began cramping pretty bad and felt like I had nothing left…got going again but that was not fun!