Carbs Fuel Press Release

Carbs Fuel Press Release


Carbs Fuel Launches Brand and New Energy Gel Seeking to Improve Fueling Options for Athletes
Helping more athletes effectively fuel their sport
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Carbs Fuel, Let’s Keep Going

GOLDEN, Colo. (September 05, 2023) — Carbs Fuel, a new player in the endurance nutrition category, is announcing its presence as the company prepares to launch its flagship product, a 50-gram carbohydrate energy gel, in November 2023.

Carbs Fuel believes properly fueling endurance activity should be simple and shouldn’t be reserved to the affluent minority. With a simpler solution, more athletes will reach new heights and maintain a long-standing love for their sport. The new gel will provide more carbohydrates per serving at a better price point compared to competitors.

The company was built out of the necessity to extend activities and feel better while doing so. Research shows that athletes can consume more carbs per hour than previously thought, yet the industry hasn’t kept up. Carbs Fuel’s lower barrier of entry combined with more carbohydrates will extend activities for all athletes. 

“As an endurance athlete, I was so frustrated by how expensive, over-complicated, and inconvenient it was to properly fuel day-to-day training and racing,” says Gabe Multer, Founder & CEO of Carbs Fuel. “So I decided to make the change I’d want as a consumer. It is our mission to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport.” 

Founders Gabe Multer and Aaron Gouw are lifelong endurance athletes that faced many of the fueling issues professional and amateur athletes encounter every day. In addition to Carbs Fuel, Gabe is the Founder of Holy Cow Racing, a cycling team with the mission of growing the cycling community and spreading fun. Aaron Gouw brings a Masters in High Altitude Exercise Physiology from Western Colorado University to the team and is currently conducting his doctoral studies in Human Bioenergetics.  

Carbs Fuel’s 3-year product roadmap extends far beyond its initial product offering, the 50-gram carbohydrate energy gel, to any nutrition product that helps athletes fuel. Products to expect in the future may include drink mixes, caffeine products, different carbohydrate sources and forms, and more. Interested retailers can reach out to and interested consumers can pre-order today from

About Carbs Fuel

Carbs Fuel, founded in Golden, Colo., with a group of founders from various backgrounds in endurance sports, have grown tired of spending far too much to properly fuel during training and events. With Carbs Fuel in tow, you’ll always be saying “Let’s Keep Going.” Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @carbsfuel.

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