Adam Vadeboncoeur

Adam Vadeboncoeur

Athlete Discipline (sport & event):

Running - Marathon & Ultra Distances

What do you love about your sport?:

I like the simplicity of running. It’s rare for your day to go wrong due to mechanicals or some external factor. If you’re getting better and you’re racing faster, it’s because you prepared well and put in the work. I also love the accessibility of running: you can do it anywhere, minimal cost of entry, and easy to do as a group.

What events are you most looking forward to for 2024 and why?:

Mad City 100k. This will be a new distance for me. I’ve run 2x trail 50 milers and hope that experience transfers well for another 12. Fueling well will be a huge factor in whether I’m successful hitting my goals or not, which is why I’m stoked to be onboard with Carbs Fuel in ‘24.

What sponsors are supporting you in 2024?:

Carbs Fuel &  Aravaipa Running

Why did you decide to be sponsored by Carbs?:

I’m also all about approachability and accessibility. At $2 a gel, Carbs Fuel is bringing elite level nutrition to a price most people can afford for racing. I hope more people become educated on their caloric needs for endurance sports and as they do, have an affordable option to execute it. 

Tell us about your first experience consuming a Carbs Fuel product:

I used Carbs Fuel for a higher intensity interval workout 2 days after a 23 mile long run. This workout finishes with a hard :30 hard / :30 recovery. The very short recovery adds up quick, but I felt like I had more edge for the final intervals than usual.

Why should others give Carbs Fuel a try?:

Fueling for endurance sports is critical. Without proper fueling, your body won’t respond. Carbs Fuel gets you a dense quantity of the Carbs you need, tastes good, has an easy to consume consistency, and is less than half the price of other brands I’ve tried. When racing 5+ hours and having 3+ workouts a week I need to fuel during, dropping $4+ per gel isn’t something most people can afford.

What's the craziest thing you've consumed as fuel during sport that's non-traditional?:

Pickle juice and I gagged it right back up. It was miserable.

What are your 3 favorite sources of carbs? (Other than Carbs Fuel products). Doesn't have to be sport nutrition related:

Pasta. Rice. Potatoes. Easily eat 1 of the 3 daily.

What would your hobby be if you didn't have your sport and why?:

On my recent trip to India I started drawing again and found it really relaxing and enjoyable. I’m not great at it, but have been appreciating the mental focus it’s brought over the last 2 months.

What's your worst B.C era (Before Carbs Fuel) bonk story?:

My first trail 40 mile trail race in 2019. The first 50k felt strong and smooth, but my lack of calories in the first few hours made the final 8 miles a trudge. I consumed about 2 soft flasks (about 36oz) of fluids total, each only having 40-50 cals in them plus a couple gels. It was my first hard lesson in how important it is to “fuel for later” and continue taking in calories to set yourself up for success hours later in the race (or workout).