Industry Report: Energy Gels

Industry Report: Energy Gels

Achieving your fueling goals can be incredibly confusing and expensive. Sports nutrition brands launch products of varying carbohydrate densities, number of gels per carton, and cost per energy gel. We created this industry report to make it easier to compare the popular energy gel options with the relevant information you need: number of carbohydrates per gel, cost per gel, and the cost to consume 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour. 

The data, as you see it, is not skewed. We launched our product to intentionally be the best carb-to-dollar energy gel in the world.

Some of the products below are multi-serving jugs and pouches that are meant to be dispensed from a smaller multi-serving container. We included these options to provide you the full picture with all the offerings and to not bias the data we provide. Regardless, we still sit at the top of the list, so why not include them. 

Energy Gel Industry Report

The table above is data gathered from publicly available channels during September, 2023. We found the lowest possible price for each energy gel, but did not include any promotional discounts they may have been offering. We did our best to accurately represent product details of each brand. This information may be inaccurate and we did not intentionally misrepresent any brand in the table above. We also may not have included every energy gel on the market; if this is the case, we did not intentionally do so, we were unaware of the product's existence. Some products are international brands that are not available in the United States. We did a conversion on foreign currencies where it was necessary and the price reflected was the exchange rate during September, 2023.

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