The pro's advantage

The pro's advantage

The pro’s secret is out. Within the past few years it has become more widely known that consuming 90-120 grams (and sometimes even 150g+!) of carbohydrates per hour, during endurance activities, is pivotal to sustaining peak performance. This is 1.5x to 2x more than what was accepted during early research in endurance sport nutrition.

You’ve started seeing it on a number of riders’ stems. A time table showing exactly when and how much fuel to ingest. This can even specify the method by which they should fuel (i.e. gels, drink mix, solid foods, etc.) to optimize their fueling strategy for different situations.  

You’ve started hearing it on your favorite podcasts, like this interview from TrainerRoad with Dr. Tim Podlogar on the Science of Getting Faster 

You’re probably wondering… OKAY, but HOW am I supposed to get 90-120 grams of carbs per hour? 

  • I’m not a professional athlete, I can’t afford to buy that much nutrition. ($10-$15/hr)
  • I’m not a professional athlete, I don’t have a team car or domestiques handing me nutrition, how am I supposed to carry that much? (3-5 gels/hr)
  • I could pack my bottles full of carbs, but how do I get my hydration now?

Energy Gel Industry Cost Report

The figure above is a sampling of gels that are currently available on the market (October 3rd, 2023). Described is the cost comparison to achieve 120g of carbohydrates (CHO) using the specific gels listed.
Energy Gels Industry Density Report
The figure above is a sampling of gels that are currently available on the market (October 3rd, 2023). Described is the number of units needed to achieve 120g of carbohydrates (CHO) using the specific gels listed.
You’re not alone in this thought process. It is because most fueling products were created for professional athletes.  

The pro’s have this huge advantage over you. They don’t necessarily buy their nutrition for training and races. During races, they don’t need to carry all of their nutrition; they can get new bottles and gels whenever they want. 

The vast majority of endurance athletes don’t deal with the cost and inconvenience. Instead, they resort to under-fueling and therefore under-performing in their training and in your races. We know that can be difficult and hurts to accept. 

Carbs Fuel is here to change that. We are here to change the way athletes fuel their sport. We are here to take away the pro’s advantage and give everyone else the opportunity to more effectively fuel their sport. We are here to help more athletes effectively fuel their sport. 

How are we doing this? By offering a 50-gram carbohydrate gel for $2.00. 

That’s $4.00 per hour to hit 100 grams of carbs per hour. Or you could buy from another company and potentially spend $5.00 for 40 grams of carbs. You will end up spending $12.50 per hour for 100g of carbs. Alternatively, you may eat less and fail in your upcoming events. This is a decision in your path to reaching new heights.

We believe properly fueling endurance activity should be simple and shouldn’t be reserved to the affluent minority. See the charts below to see where we fall.

Carbs Fuel Cost for 120 Grams of CarbsCarbs Fuel Number of Gels to hit 120 Grams of Carbs 

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