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Let's Keep Going: Our Tagline, Explained

You know the feeling. 

You and your friends throw on your gear and meet at first light; you’re doing an epic activity today. You embark on your all-day adventure. You all push and keep pushing. Finally, you summit the day’s final peak and now it’s time to finish up and head home. You look around at your friends, feeling fresh, and you say "let's keep going!”

Okay, maybe you don't know the feeling.

If you do, I'd wager that you’re nailing your training and fueling plan.

There is no better feeling in the world. You make it to what you thought was going to be the end after pushing yourself all day, but miraculously, you’re still feeling strong. If you haven't felt that yet, we recommend you change that and challenge yourself.

We want you to join us in saying, "Let's Keep Going," because that is the feeling we chase. That’s the feeling we strive to help you capture through using our fueling and nutrition products. Every product we launch should draw you closer to saying "let's keep going," no matter how epic the activity was.

Community is a huge part of why we love endurance sports; we love it for the friendships we create and maintain. If we were a cheesy sports advertisement, we'd be the friends at the top of the mountain high-fiving, not the athlete suffering alone in the dark and in the rain. We are here to help you maintain a long-standing love for your sport. This is why we start with “Let’s.

We are here to help athletes continue doing what they love. We are most impactful in hours 2, 3, 4, 5, and beyond. We’re there with you the entire way, just like a good workout partner. This is why we say “Keep,” to emphasize that you’ve been going and now you’re able to continue. 

Finally, regardless of the sport, you’re constantly moving and pushing yourself. You’ve done the hard part, putting on the gear and getting out there. Let us make fueling simple so that you can effortlessly make it as far as you can go. “Going” is about your forward movement, no matter the activity, and your ability to continue that movement as long as you’re fueling with Carbs Fuel. 

With Carbs Fuel, you’ll be able to experience that magical day doing the sport you love. You and your buddies have been going all day and you say, “let’s keep going.”

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